Crux Cap: Headlamp Series

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***This series is a limited run and will never be restocked***

The official crossover between mechanical keyboards and rock climbing, Crux Caps are a unique tactile and visual experience for climbers of all skill levels. Each crux cap features a threaded insert allowing you to swap and position holds at will - match keysets, set that perfect route, and above all - CRUSH! 

The Headlamp Series celebrates the joys of Halloween black light climbing events and features all florescent and glow in the dark holds!

Each Crux Cap set includes 1x Base cap, 1x hex key, 6x miniature climbing holds, and 2x bolts. All Crux Caps and holds are 100% handmade by GTB, cast in polyurethane resin. These artisan keycaps feature Cherry MX stems.